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Polaris Xp 2 Seat Shorty Cage Sdr


XPR-2 Sport Shorty Cage / LED Pocket Notes: Includes Roof, whip tabs, v-bars


SKU: 710506-P
Make: Polaris
Model: XP1K-2 All (Inc. 72 Wide )

Description: Standard cages feature full D.O.M. construction and include three pass. front V-bars in windshield, roof bracing, and proper gusseting._x000D_
All SDR standard cages are jig built in house to exacting tolerances and are fully welded by our proffesional staff._x000D_
XPR-2 Sport Cage Features:_x000D_
Radius Roof Design_x000D_
DOM Tube Construction_x000D_
Aluminum Roof Panel Included_x000D_
All Gusseting/Whip Tabs Included_x000D_
SDR Hi-Bred Bolt-in Doors Available_x000D_
Dont sacrifice safety for a cheaper price!!!

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