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Polaris Rzr Xp4 Standard Cage Sdr Motorsports


XPR-4 Sport Cage / LED Pocket Notes: Includes Roof, whip tabs, v-bars


SKU: 710603-P
Make: Polaris
Model: XP1K-4 All (except 72 wide)

Description: Our XPR-4 Sport Standard cage is our taller cage built for taller drivers and passengers._x000D_
Standard style rear bumper tapers in and meets the rear bumper making for a sleek, stylish design_x000D_
XPR-4 Sport Cage Features:_x000D_
Radius Roof Slope Back Design_x000D_
DOM Tube Construction_x000D_
Aluminum Roof Panel Included_x000D_
All Gusseting/Whip Tabs Included_x000D_
Opening Doors Available_x000D_
Dont sacrifice safety for a cheaper price!!!_x000D_
Powder Coating – Choose from 4 available standard colors, leave it Raw, or select Custom Color, and we will contact you for more details._x000D_
Windshield – Fully custom Automotive Glass Windshield to complete the dual sport look_x000D_
Custom Light Bar Mounting – Choose from standard front visor or recessed front roof pocket._x000D_
Rear Light Bar – LED rear facing lights – 5 light bar (brake/running, dust, cargo light)_x000D_
SDR Hi-Bred Bolt-in Doors Available

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