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Polaris Rzr Xp 2 Seat Doors Sdr


XP-2 Bolt on Door Kit Notes:


SKU: 710505
Make: Polaris
Model: XP1K-2 All

Description: If you are looking for the best doors for your Polaris RZR XP We have you covered with SDR Motorsports Hi-Bred Door Kits!_x000D_
With over a year in development and testing our new bolt on doors are ready for your ride! We didn’t just copy the factory doors, We started with a clean sheet of paper and and set out to design and build a set of doors that are rattle free, easy to install and adjust, are strong, and completely serviceable over the years ensuring they work perfect for years to come._x000D_
It all started with our patent pending single pivot aluminum hinge. We didn’t settle for a gate hinge or re-purposed fence hardware, we designed our new hinge from the ground up, specifically for our doors. We had a tough act to follow given our old weld in doors where the industry standard and most copied design and hinge on the market, but we set the standard before, and we have done it again!_x000D_
Styled and designed to look more like a custom fixed door instead of a bolt on door we feature full length 1 piece 3-D formed aluminum panels that are Dzus buttoned on and look as good as they work! This exclusive design allows maximum opening room to get in and out of your car._x000D_
Doors are sold in sets. This is for the front door set on your Polaris RZR XP 2 seat.

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