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FUELUTV GRIPPER UT 28X10-14R – 8PLY 281014



The fun begins where the pavement ends. If you agree with this statement, then you’re probably an off-road enthusiast who enjoys the outdoors. And, in case you really are the one, you do understand how important good tires are when you’re on a trail. Fuel Off-Road knows everything about top-quality tires as they manufacture some of a kind. From the deep woods to massive rocks, the Gripper UTV tires are the upgrades that will give you plenty of reasons to enjoy getting to and from your destination._x000D_
Drive to the challenging trails with less noise and better road manners with these unstoppable off-road tires wrapped around your wheels. The parts have super strong 3-ply sidewalls to resist bruises and cuts no matter how sharp the edges of rocks are._x000D_
The Fuel Off-Road tires deliver on all fronts. They feature a deep lug thread for excellent traction, and tough, reinforced sidewalls for stability, strength, and longevity. A sturdy carcass ensures exceptional puncture and bruise resistance. As a result, you get tires that perform on all terrains and in any weather conditions. Enjoy a more precise steering response and better cornering control wherever you drive with the Fuel Gripper UTV tires. If you’re a serious off-roader, these no-limits.

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Wheel Size

30x10R14, 30x10R15, 32x10R14


30, 32



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