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Can-Am Door Bags Can-Am Maverick X3 Front Sdr


X-3 Front SDR Hi-Bred Door Storage Bag Notes:


SKU: 810510
Make: Can-Am
Model: X-3 All (Includes 4 seat)

Description: Door Bags Can-Am Maverick X3 Front_x000D_
These Bags Fit both the Two and Four Seat FRONT Hi-Bred Doors._x000D_
Looking for a custom storage solution for your SDR Doors?_x000D_
Don’t use some “Universal Fit” bags, our door storage bags are made to our specification and fit our doors perfectly._x000D_
Installation is easy with no bolts or screws, just drill two additional holes and use the supplied push pins!_x000D_
Sold as a pair – Left and Right.

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